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Stick Stringing

pros of a well-strung stick


  • Accuracy - Passing and Shooting
  • Consistency - No need to break it in every time you play!
  • Improved stick handling
  • Customization - Tell us how you want your pocket and we'll make it happen. 

cons of a poorly strung stick


  • Factory pockets - Factory strung sticks are NOT ready for game play.  You need a pocket to play this game...not a tennis racket
  • Inaccurate pockets - "Whip" makes the ball throw down.  Too many kids play with whip in their sticks. Rather than finishing a shot or an assist, they throw the ball to the ground. You can't be a good player if you can't get the ball out of your stick

the mesh we use

We can use the mesh of your choice to string your stick. If you are looking for pointers, our favorite mesh to string with is StringKing, as it is the most consistent mesh that forms the perfect pocket. Hard mesh takes a long time to break in and soft mesh can "bag" out.  StringKing mesh finds the middle ground between these two for the ideal pocket.


Every Stick is Strung Custom at New Wave: Pricing for your Stick Stringing will depend on factors such as mesh, head, style, & technique. We offer both Boys & Girls Stick Stringing Services for all types of sticks.

Please Contact Alek for a quote & appointment to have your stick strung by the professionals at New Wave Lax.

or Call Alek at (630) 219 - 3919

Call Alek at (630) 219-3919

Either deliver or mail in your head
Alek will coordinate this with you

That's it! Our professional will string your head and make sure it gets back to you when you need it.

string master

- St. Charles North High School
- All-Conference
- 3rd in State

- Carthage College 
-Team Captain 
-Played in 40 Games for Red Men

- Current player for Chicago Outlaws

- Current Coach and Park District Director for New Wave
- Specializes in Faceoffs/short-stick

Alek Szmajda

Strung by Gabby

Strung by Gabby

Strung by Gabby