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Here at New Wave Lacrosse, we handle Sponsorships for our events a little differently. Many Tournaments, ours included, would not be the high-caliber events they are without support from the lacrosse/athletic community. We'd like you/your business to be part of the experience, even if just for a one day event.

Being a Sponsor for a New Wave Tournament is a Win-Win situation. Sponsors have a great opportunity to reach out and interact with the larger lacrosse community. New Wave's indoor and outdoor tournaments have always been large scale events with more than 1,500 people passing through for each tournament.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring one or several of New Wave's Tournaments, please email us at,



For the vast majority of our Tournaments (3-6 Indoor Tournaments during the Fall/Winter Seasons), we are looking for Sponsors who are simply willing to donate a handful of their products to be used as prizes for the MVP's in each division. This goes a long way in adding character & variety to our events, and goes an even longer way in making a player really feel good about what they've done. Additionally, it's just one more way to get your brand/product in the hands of your target audience.

Sponsors are asked to donate 8-10 prizes per sponsored Tournament Day.



 If you can't donate prizes because your brand/product isn't applicable to doing so (don't forget that if you're a service company, a Coupon/Gift Certificate is as good as a prize!), we do accept $100 - $300 Cash Sponsorships instead of physical prizes. That money is used to pay for things like Lacrosse Balls, Cones, Goals, Field Paint, Officiating, Athletic Trainers, or for us to purchase prizes ourselves.  The actual $ amount varies per tournament based on size/location, so please to get started.

Sponsors receive the same benefits regardless if they donate Prizes or Cash to our Tournaments.



The one exception to the Sponsorship details above is for our May Classic Tournament. The May Classic is currently our only Outdoor Tournament - and it's roughly 4x as large as the others. It's also not only run by our organization, but by a Non-Profit called ILA, which we are a member of. Please visit for more details on how to get involved!



In addition to getting your product/brand into the hands of our players, we offer a few other perks for our Sponsors;


1) We'll put your logo with a hyperlink to your website on the Tournament Website, the Tournament Registration Page, & the Tournament Email Newsletters that go out to several thousand people.

2) We'll do one very specific "Sponsor Spotlight" Email & Social Media Campaign that links to your company website - including a photo/logo, coupon, offer  etc. This goes out to several thousand people. Please note that this is one email where all Sponsors are featured, not an email per Sponsor. It's normally a number of 3-6 companies, so there is plenty of space for everyone to make an impact.

3) We'll display your prizes, along with the trophies & awards, on the Champions Table on-site at the actual Tournament itself - where hundreds of people will walk past throughout the day

4)  We'll give you the option to physically join us on-site at the Tournament where you can set-up a promotional table with banners, signage, flyers & hand-outs (Please note that you cannot sell apparel at your promotional table)

5) If you can't join us, we would be happy to display up to 2 Signs/Banners that you send to us, or to place a stack of flyers/promotional materials at the Champions Table/New Wave Store




If your company is interested in sponsoring one or several of New Wave's Tournaments, please email us at

Thank you!