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Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how impressed I was with the Club's organization, discipline, and commitment to the tremendous opportunity presented to our boys at these tournaments. The ability to play against such quality teams can only improve their skill as they learn to play up to those levels as evidenced by the Blue team's big win. In addition, the coaches did a great job of extending enough freedom for the boys to have fun while keeping them safe and in line. While I had the pleasure of attending this time, I have no qualms about sending my son anywhere with you and the New Wave coaches as its sure to be a great experience for everyone. Thank you for the privilege of being a part of this amazing organization. 

- Terri & Phil B., New Wave Parents


Hello Coach Alek,


I’m sorry that this email took so long for me to send.  I’m glad I’m getting to it as I feel it’s important you know.  I wanted to impress upon you some events from the last practice at Finish Strong facilities. 


At the end of practice as **** and I walked to the car, he was dripping with sweat, smelling from exertion, exhausted from the drills, cardio and push ups, wall leans, etc and yet, he was absolutely BEAMING and THRILLED with his practice and the feedback you gave him.  He commented that even though it was very difficult, it was one of his favorite practices and that he had a lot of fun.  He’s been doing a bit of wall ball on his own (finally) and he feels like he’s improved.  As well, he’s really trying to apply coaching instruction/direction. Recently, he commented that he loves lacrosse and really wants to improve.  While you obviously coach him the entire practice, there were three specific times during practice that you affirmed his effort for slide and defending, noticed his more aggressive throw and his more aggressive effort toward running after the attack.  He thrives from that and I want to truly express my gratitude for your strong coaching of our son.  He’s enjoying your coaching and enjoys being a part of the team.  He’s hungry for coaching and we’re excited for this next season.


Thank you for all you do and the positive impact you have on our son.  It’s truly a pleasure watching him develop.  We have parented him with the hope that he always offers a positive 100% in everything he endeavors upon and is asked to do.  While that doesn’t always happen with our requests (understandable) we see him being very conscientious of this when others (teachers, coaches, and other adults) request things of him. 


Go New Wave! 

- Jason S, New Wave Parent


...and he also told me about their win in Naples over the RoughRiders. I just wanted to say congrats to you and the New Wave program. Needless to say that is a huge thing for you guys and for the midwest and I was quite honestly taken aback when he told me about it. Congratulations again, Coach! Hope all is well. 

- Coach Berkman, Aurora University Men's Lacrosse Coach


To me playing lacrosse at New Wave is more than just playing the greatest game. It's about the people you meet and the brothers you have. We room, we travel, and we play with our brothers. Lacrosse is a brotherhood and New Wave is the only team I would ever want to play for!

- Riley B., Current New Wave Player


I'll never forget the memories and opportunities that @newwavelax has given to me. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for everything.

- Mike C., New Wave Graduated Senior


I just want to thank you and your program for allowing our son to play on your lacrosse teams over the years. He has decided to attend St. Ambrose University which is starting a lacrosse program this year. Brad Keel is the head coach and saw our son play at the tournament in California last year. He will be receiving enough money for lacrosse to make it affordable for us. Thank you so much for putting trust and faith in our son. Coach Keel commented on how he could see that our son knew where to be on the field and that he could see the field. Your coaches are responsible for everything our son has learned in lacrosse. Your program taught him skills that gave him confidence, you and your coaches treated your players with respect, and gave them responsibility through your travel programs. Thank you so much in helping him prepare for his journey ahead. 

- Lisa F., New Wave Parent


I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to you and your coaching staff! While this is only our first year with New Wave, I have to say that as many organizations or clubs we have crossed paths with throughout the years, not only with Lacrosse, but other sports as well, New Wave has got to be by far the best organization we’ve come across! Your communication with the players/parents, your passion for the game, your investment of time in our children and the determination you have to push them to succeed to the best of their ability is beyond what any parent would want for their kid(s) right even down the totally “sick” uniforms! LOL Man, you guys are “on top of it” and believe me, we are sure to “brag” about you guys to everyone we know. Even though we didn’t get to bring you home a trophy yesterday, my son had an awesome time at his first tournament with New Wave, as did my husband & I. We couldn’t be more proud or happy to be involved with such an awesome club!

- Tanya W., New Wave Parent


Great letter Paul and I couldn't agree with you more on every level! As I have said in various emails and facebook posts, you do so much more for our boys than just teach high level Lacrosse you go to the heart of the player and that can be seen in their confidence and their character that is being developed! I am so proud to be a part of this organization and so proud of New Wave because they have helped shape my son! Thanks again

- Caryn B., New Wave Parent


I wanted to send you both this email thanking you for the award. It really means a lot to me to get this award and have no one else to thank except for you both. You have both been great people to me throughout the years and have helped me become the player and person that I am today. I don't know how much to thank you for all the help and reinforcement you have given to me while I have played for you. I can honestly say that both the Saint Charles lacrosse program and the new wave program have changed my life incredibly and is one of the main reasons I have such a great chance to play and succeed in the upcoming years of my life. Thank you both again and I'm looking forward to thanking you in person.

- Zach B., Current New Wave Player


I want to take the opportunity to thank you for a fantastic season of play and coaching. Henry enjoyed himself AND learned the game - which is what are goal was being fortunate enough to be part of this team. We feel he improved greatly from the winter season and he will be at the tryouts for the fall/winter session for sure.

Thank you for pushing him and making him proud and excited to be involved in a top notch club - you all run a great and classy program and we all had such an enjoyable, competitive and fun experience. Thank you again - Henry will be back in the fall! 

- Nicole & John G., New Wave Parents


Laurie and I want to sincerely thank you for providing such an outstanding development opportunity for Andrew over these last two years.  His Lacrosse skills have grown exponentially and much of this is due to the excellent environment that you and your coaches have created for young men.  The coaching was light years above what he has received through his high school program and the same is true for the professionalism with which you run New Wave and all it's events.  
I know you may have been somewhat disappointed that we did not enroll Drew in all the trips this year – but that was a decision consistent with our priorities as a family rather than any indication of a decreased interest or esteem for your program.  I copied Andy here because he really typifies what New Wave offered Andrew: passion, professionalism and commitment to player development.

- Mike & Laurie K., New Wave Parents


Thanks to you, Paul and Kyle for everything over the past five years.  Kevin loved playing for New Wave and as parents, we could not have had a better experience.  It was truly our honor to be part of your program.  Kathy and I will miss the tournaments, but will treasure the memories and friendships we have developed.

- Paul & Kathy B., New Wave Parents


I played during the 2014 Summer Season on the Nova team. I am contacting you to say that I will continue to play lacrosse in college. I have recently committed to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA. It's a new program under the coaching of Roanoke's Hall of Fame player, Andrew Bonasera, who was able to recruit me at the Chicago Lacrosse Cup. I was wondering if you could add my name to the list of commits for the high school class of 2015.  I also wanted to thank you deeply for all the opportunities I received from New Wave and I am grateful for all the time I was able to spend with the great coaching staff of Blake Zinn, Brad Keel, and Mark Morrell. Thank you for the great season and great experience.

-Jacob N., New Wave Alumnus


I wanted to thank you for all the opportunities you have given to me throughout my short time with New Wave and all you have done to help me play lacrosse in college. Committing to the University of Idaho would have not been possible if it wasn’t for your help in providing me with an elite level to play at.

-Noah K., New Wave Athlete


I cannot be more impressed with my oldest sons lacrosse coach . Tim Hurst is the head coach for the Illinois Benedictine Men's Lacrosse team as well as the New Wave Lacrosse Alpha team. He is the perfect blend of knowledge, competitiveness, winning, and fun. I see great things ahead for the spring!

-John S., New Wave Parent


"As a parent, I really appreciated the New Wave program from the coaches to the communications to the professional attitude.  I don’t have one complaint.  I saw improvement in (My Son) throughout the season.  I would recommend the program to anyone."

- Kurt G, New Wave Parent

I just want to take a moment to thank you, and your staff, for setting a consistently great field for things to take place in kids' lives.

My high school team didn't win a game, but it was equally as valuable for them to play in the Buffalo Brawl, as for my little guys, who experienced a life changing event, because you guys worked so hard to make it great for them.
Thank you for your dedication to building lives through the sport of lacrosse, and building the community through the cultivation of its character.
See you at the Big Freeze and Revolution,
- Coach Dave - High School Lacrosse Coach in Illinois
Tonight, as I was driving back from Ohio where I watched Erick play in his first collegiate lacrosse game- I thought about a conversation that took place just over 5 years ago....

Andy had called me back regarding my son's interest in playing lacrosse. He told me that New Wave would love to have Erick come out to a clinic and see what the sport was all about. This, even though he was an eighth grader who had never played before- the coaches would be very open to working with him.

Well, not only did coaches like Kyle, Paul, Coach Andy, Coach Hurst, Coach Taylor- among countless others teach him how to play the game of lacrosse over the last 5 years- they taught him how to play it the RIGHT WAY.!! Everyone in your organization should be commended on the job they do to help their players increase not only their skills on the field- but how to handle themselves off the field. Whether it was taking the time to teach him a simple dodge, drills he could do at home, discuss a defensive set, or spending time with the team roaming the streets of San Diego because a snow storm wouldn't allow the team to get back to Chicago- Erick always speaks highly of his experiences with his New Wave teams & coaches.

While the score of the game this Saturday was not what favorable- we were able to watch Erick take the field and contribute to his teams' effort! We are very proud parents of the freshman who took the field and then simply did his job! And it was even better to hear how much his positive attitude and work ethic was appreciated by the coaching staff.  What a great start to his college lacrosse career and I can't wait to see what is to come.

Without hesitation, when someone asks about a local lacrosse program for their boys (and now girls), I tell them that New Wave is what they are looking for. Thank you for not only giving Erick a chance- but teaching him the game of lacrosse the right way.

All of you at New Wave Lacrosse will always have a special place in our hearts- and on the field!

-Lance & Pam K., New Wave Parents



I feel the need to share how the New Wave Lacrosse Family has positively impacted our son from a parent’s perspective.  Adam started with New Wave around 13 years old.  He enjoyed sports but was never a really competitive boy and didn’t have something he was passionate about or excelled in.  The New Wave coaches, (starting with Coach Sullivan, Coach Thompson, Coach Hurst, and Coach Stolzer to name a few) believed in him, encouraged him, invested in him, and helped to shape a confident, passionate, dedicated and very talented athlete; well equipped to play college lacrosse.  It is this club that planted the seed for the love of this sport but it is your coaches that helped to grow more than just his high-level skill development and his knowledge of the game.  They grew his character, sportsmanship and ultimately leadership qualities; partnering with the values we as a family were trying to instill. Life lessons were dealt with on the field such as sportsmanship, leading with integrity, supporting one another; all character traits that would carry over off the field.  Adam learned through examples shown and his positive character and integrity he gained carries with him off the field as well.  He is that positive encouraging leader to his high school teammates and he was trained all those years by this wonderful club, who taught to the heart of the players on their team.  We are so proud to have been a part of this organization that helped to shape our son for the better, on and off the lacrosse field, a club that we fondly refer to as family. 

-Caryn & Mark B., New Wave Parents


Your program is truly about building champions...not just winners. The examples you set, the character you you instill and the generosity in your hearts is refreshing and admirable. God bless you, your program and every single boy that walks through your program and comes out a man. Thank you so much.

- Lisa F., New Wave Parent


I want everyone to know that New Wave means more then lacrosse; it means family. I started playing for New Wave when it first started. That's right I'm an 'OG' of New Wave Lax. Without New Wave I would not be where I am sitting today. New Wave has done so much for me, from teaching me how to play lacrosse to teaching me how to act accordingly in public places and how important it is to represent a family wherever you go. I still rep New Wave even at the college level because I feel that without it I wouldn't be the person I am today. Big shoutout to all the New Wave coaches that have pushed me and my teammates to be the best we could be on and off the field. Yo yo yo that means you to coach Stolzer. Thank you guys for everything and I hope you can make a local game this year. New Wave is doing much bigger things now then when it started and I believe that is because the coaches not only want to win but because they care about the people that go through their program. They don't just cycle people through, they care about what the people are doing and they help them reach a goal that without a team like this would not be possible. Keep doing big things and I'll see you when I return to town.

- Andrew J., Augustana College Lacrosse Player


Every day the world wakes up to find itself remade; A NEW day. We are given the opportunity to start each day with a new goal and challenge; with the possibility of a better 'me' in the end. As a Team, we come together to achieve a common goal. Each member of a team has a responsibility to be better today than they were yesterday; as athletes we set the bar high to challenge ourselves to reach a higher level of playing. That's how teams get better. The become a WAVE (a mass movement) towards a NEW day.

- Zac G., New Wave League Player


Coach, Just wanted to thank you for a great season. Michelle and I saw a great improvement in our son this year from when he first started with New Wave this past Fall. His coaches have noticed it as well in the indoor league and in the clinics. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time as well as for being easy and open to communicate with. We really appreciate everything that was done throughout the entire season to make our experience great.
It is truly people like you and Paul and the rest of the coaches at New Wave that set your program apart from the others. Our Son has already said that he is looking forward to trying out for the team next Winter.

- Steve E., New Wave Parent


Our son is excited to head out East to Boston for college this Fall. He accomplished much of his success through the New Wave Program. We want to thank you and Andy for meeting with us and helping us understand what our goals needed to be to play in college. Our son understand that heading out East will be a new level and is determined to work hard and be successful as an athlete and student (Pre-Law). People come and go in our lives and we wanted you to know that you made a difference in our son's. Thank you!

- Tyler and Teri, New Wave Family


I have committed to Adrian College as of today and I just wanted to say thank you because without your program I don't know if I could have done what I have. I grew up and learned the sport from your program. I appreciate everything new wave has done for me in the past and I hope it becomes one of the best programs in the Midwest.

-Tim C., New Wave Player


Thanks for sharing the "Insights from Trevor Tierney" blog. As a parent, New Wave has all the qualities of a great program for kids. It teaches discipline, teamwork, and constantly trying to get better. Winning is nice, but there is much more to sports than winning, especially in the younger groups.

All I have to say is that we got LUCKY. Our son was introduced to lacrosse from Tim Hurst at a intro to lacrosse two years ago at one of those Westmont Yard programs. Through his experiences playing with New Wave team, his skills have grown, and, more importantly, his confidence has also grown.
New Wave, with its coaches, constantly teaches our son how to do it the right way; hard work and sportsmanship are as important as winning.

- Woun S., New Wave Parent


I just wanted to thank you for putting on such an awesome program for us while I played for you. I'm currently the starting goalie as well as the president of the University of Denver men's MCLA team and it's kinda showed me how much work it takes to get a program started and keep things running smoothly. I thought I should let you know playing for New Wave was a great experience and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to play in some great tournaments with you guys. 

- DJ C., Former New Wave Player


Just wanted to commend your wonderful coach Alek.  Not only has he been instrumental in Brads progress as a lax player, he has been a very positive role model on and off the field.  Brad did a lesson with Alek this evening.  After the lesson, my car was dead (thanks to my dtr).  Alek was extremely gracious in assisting by driving me over to get jumper cables and returning and jumping my car.   I have AAA, but Alek new it could take hours for them to get there in really insisted on helping us out of this jam -even though I'm pretty sure he had somewhere else to be.  

When we attended the information session at the start of the season you emphasized that New Wave is as much about character as it is lacrosse.  That has certainly been demonstrated throughout the season and exemplified again by your coach Alek tonight. 

I am very grateful to and proud of Alek!

-Gail P., New Wave Parent