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One Heart Award


This honor is awarded by New Wave Lacrosse to players that display incredible athleticism, outstanding academic achievement, stand up sportsmanship, and leadership both on and off the field. It is essentially our Club MVP - only one is given out per Club Season and it is the highest honor achievable in the New Wave Girl's Lacrosse Club.



Position: Defense / Midfield 


High School: Marist High School


Playing in college or aspire to play in college?: I aspire to play in college, but I am not committed at the moment as I am still looking at schools. 


Has anyone or anything inspired you during your lacrosse career?: My parents, my coaches, and my teammates have all had a huge impact in inspiring me to be the player I am today. The biggest inspirations are my parents because they are constantly supporting me and they actually try to do their best to understand all of the rules (even when the refs don’t know). Another reason is because they give me feedback after every game or event, which helps me to grow from my mistakes and do better every time I step onto the field. 


Why do you play lacrosse?:I play lacrosse because it’s not only my passion but also it’s almost like therapy for me. Lacrosse takes me away from all the stress of life and allows me to put all my energy towards something that’s just fun. 


What do you do when you're not playing?: When I’m not playing you can usually find me hanging out with friends, playing with my dogs or meeting new ones or even catching up on the latest Netflix series. 


Best teammate you have and why?: The best teammate I have is Katelyn DeShazer, because when me and Katelyn are playing defense together we are the TANK. I couldn’t be the tank without her as my other half. She is also the person I can count on the most and is not afraid to voice her opinion. 


What lessons has playing lacrosse taught you as an athlete and a person?: 

Not only has lacrosse taught me to just be myself, but more importantly it has taught me to never stop being determined to be better, do better and reach higher. I also have learned that everyone sees things differently and it’s important to listen to everyone’s opinions. 


What player do you try to emulate and why?:I try to emulate my best self which is an accumulation of things I’ve learned from past teammates and current ones. I pick up little things by playing with different people and try to apply that to myself to be the best player I can be. 


List Personal and Athletic Accomplishments Below:

  • Gold division champions at Lax Geneva 2019 
  • New Wave defensive captain 2018
  • Marist Varsity player since Sophomore year


How long have you been playing and why did you start playing lacrosse?: I have been playing lacrosse since my freshman year of high school. I began playing lacrosse because I didn’t want to continue playing soccer and thought I’d try something different that not many people played. 





High School:
Naperville Central High School

Playing in college or aspire to play in college?:
I plan to play lacrosse in college but I have yet to commit as I am still in the decision process.  

Has anyone or anything inspired you during your lacrosse career?:
I have had so many great teammates and coaches throughout my years but one coach has left an unforgettable everlasting impact on my life. Coach Kaitlyn Liccion has helped me grow more confident in myself as a player and consistently believed in me from the beginning without her support I wouldn't be the player and person that I am today. I am forever thankful to all of my teammates and coaches for all that they have done to shape me into who I am.

Why do you play lacrosse?:
Lacrosse is an escape from reality. Once I step onto that field everything happening in my life fades to the background. My mind goes completely blank of anything except the game. Lacrosse has allowed me to come out of my shell and meet amazing people that I otherwise wouldn't have.

What do you do when you're not playing?:
When I’m not playing I love to hang out with my friends and frequently volunteer in the special needs community.

Best teammate you have and why?:
Throughout my time playing lacrosse I have learned a lot not only about the game but about myself as a person. I believe that each and every teammate I have had has shaped me into the person and athlete that I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful.

What lessons has playing lacrosse taught you as an athlete and a person?:
Perseverance, a lot of things will try to knock you down in life but how you respond to those setbacks shapes your future. Confidence, in myself as a person and as an athlete.

What player do you try to emulate and why?:
The players around me inspire me everyday. Each of my teammates is unique and from each of them I have learned something new. They teach me to be selfless, caring, and that as a team anything is possible when you play with one heart.

List Personal and Athletic Accomplishments Below:

  • 4 Year Varsity starter for Naperville Central

  • Defensive MVP with New Wave (2017-18 season)

  • 2018 Indian Prairie Showdown All- Tournament team  

How long have you been playing and why did you start playing lacrosse?:
I started playing lacrosse 6 years ago when I was in middle school. I learned about lacrosse through a clinic brought to my middle school, they visited the other gym classes but never came to mine. I asked one of the other gym teachers for the fliers that the clinic director had been handing out about a clinic to teach the game to beginners. I attended the clinic and fell in love with the sport from the second I picked up the stick.  

Summer 2018

Christine Corbin

Position: Midfield
High School: Neuqua Valley High School
Playing in college or aspire to play in college?:
I am planning on playing in college and I’m super excited about continuing my lacrosse career. I’m currently talking to 4 Division II college coaches and making my visits within the next month. I’m hoping to make my decision by mid September!
Has anyone or anything inspired you during your lacrosse career?:
My coaches and teammates all inspire me to push myself to be a better player and person. I learn new things from each and every one of them. Seeing how everyone improves when we aren’t in season, as well as throughout the season inspires me to work even harder to better myself as a lacrosse player.
Why do you play lacrosse?:
I play lacrosse not only because I love it, but because I love the new challenges it brings me. There is always something new I can learn or improve, and the feeling of reaching a goal my team or I had set is one of the best feelings out there.
What do you do when you're not playing?:
I really enjoy media and film, making videos (like commercials, music videos, short films, etc.) is one thing I love to do when I’m not playing lacrosse.
Best teammate you have and why?:
There is no way I could pick one best teammate. All of my past and current teammates have impacted me positively in some way and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
What lessons has playing lacrosse taught you as an athlete and a person?:
I have learned how big of a role perseverance plays in having success. In lacrosse this would be going for every 50/50 ground ball like the entire game depends on it, keeping a good mentality when the scoreboard doesn’t show the numbers you would like it to, and running as hard as you can every second you are on the field. Every team and person will face hardships, but if they don’t persevere through them, success isn’t possible.
What player do you try to emulate and why?:
Although there is not one specific player I try to emulate, I look up to my coaches a lot. What I learn from them makes me a better person and player.
List Personal and Athletic Accomplishments Below:
  • DVC All Conference (Spring 2018)
  • Lead my high school team in goals and ground balls (Spring 2018)
  • Midfield MVP of Neuqua Lacrosse (Spring 2018)
  • Midfield MVP of Eclipse (Fall/Winter 2017-18)
  • Team MVP of Eclipse (Summer 2017)
How long have you been playing and why did you start playing lacrosse?:
I started playing lacrosse in 8th grade. We were on vacation in New York and one day we went to the beach. We bought two plastic lacrosse sticks from the shop on the beach, and I loved that so much that when we got back to IL we went to the store a bought a real lacrosse stick. I signed up for my first lacrosse clinic the week after that and the rest is history!

Abby Widd

Position: Goalie

High School: Metea Valley

Playing in college​ or aspire to play in college​?:  Playing at North Central College this fall

Has anyone or anything inspired you during your lacrosse career?:   My own self motivation to be the best at lacrosse.

Why do you play lacrosse?:   I play because I love being around my teammates and coaches.  To me, they are family.

What do you do when you're not playing?:   When I am not playing lacrosse, my schedule is still pretty full.    I help with the Special Olympics programs at my high school.   That includes participating in sports such as soccer and basketball as a unified partner.    Playing the flute in concert band.   And homework.   Lots of homework.

Best teammate you have and why?:   Lina Zochowski    She pushes me every day to be a better goalie and teammate.   I would not where I am today without her friendship and guidance.

What lessons has playing lacrosse taught you as an athlete and a person?:   That it is OK to take time out of your day and do something that personally interests you.  It has also taught me better time management.   

What player do you try to emulate and why?:   I really don't have a player I emulate.   

List Personal and Athletic Accomplishments Below:
  • Indian Prairie Scholar
  • HS Team MVP (junior)
  • HS Captain (junior/senior)
  • HS All Conference (junior/sophomore)
  • New Wave Eclipse Defensive MVP (Fall/Winter 2016/17)
How long have you been playing and why did you start playing lacrosse?:   I have been playing since the spring of 5th grade.   So nearly 7 years.   I started playing because lacrosse it was a new and unknown sport in this area and I figured I would give it a try.  Someone strapped a goalie helmet and some pads on me right away, and I have been in the crease ever since.



Marist High School

I love the game of lacrosse and would love to continue to play but I need to find a school that strikes the right balance between academics and athletics. 

My brother Bryan really inspired me throughout my lacrosse career. My brother played lacrosse in high school and eventually joined New Wave. He would talk about how much new wave has helped him to be a better player which I saw from watching him play and the great opportunities he had. After seeing him play at New Wave he inspired me to play club in order to get better at the sport I love and New Wave was the place for that. 

I play lacrosse because it is simply an amazing sport. The speed, skill, and strength it takes to play is such hard work but worth it. There are always new challenges and ways for me to improve that allow me to push myself to be the best I can be. 

When I'm not playing lacrosse and training for lacrosse I like to volunteer for service projects at my school such as Relay for Life or Senior Citizen prom. Also I like to run cross country and run track for the winter season. 

I don't really think that there is ever one type of teammate that is the best because every person on the team plays an important role every part of the game. Although I must say the goalies do have an insanely tough job in games. 

Lacrosse has taught me so many lessons such as, how a strong work ethic really makes a difference, trusting yourself and others will bring opportunities for success, and that you can't change the past but you can work hard and be better for the future. 

Although I don't follow a certain player  I try to emulate role models around me  such as coaches, family members, and teachers who have strong work ethics and are constantly trying to improve themselves. 

My favorite thing about New Wave is all the people I've meet. Coming out to Naperville from south side Chicago is can be a long drive but the people I've met make it worth it. My coaches have helped me so much to improve and help take my playing to the next level. Also my teammates are amazing. I feel like I've made some great friends who I would've never meet without New Wave. I'm truly grateful for all the opportunities New Wave has given me.


MVP of Marist Lacrosse 

ESCC all conference 

Lead my high school team in goals, assists, draw controls, and ground ball controls

Team MVP of Mercury for the 2016-17 fall season

Buffalo Wild Wings athlete of the month

Midfield MVP of Eclipse for the summer season 2017

NHS member and president of FNHS


I started to play lacrosse in 7th grade with IGLA. I originally began lacrosse because I thought like in boys lacrosse you could wack people with your stick. However, that wasn't the case and I fell in love with the sport anyways. 








I am home-schooled and also go to Lincoln-Way East part-time.


I play midfield and attack.

Favorite Lacrosse Memory: 

My favorite lacrosse memory happened during the New Wave girls' first game as a club team. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to score the first goal. After my teammates and I huddled together, I was walking back to the restraining line getting ready for the next play when Coach Fiala said "Hey Grace, you just made history!" I will always remember that comment as an inspiration to continue to play and work hard. Since then, it has been really nice to see all of my teammates score many goals.

Favorite Aspect of New Wave:

I immediately loved New Wave because of the positive coaching. In the past, I have had coaches that skewed negative and often criticized players when they made mistakes. However, Coach Fiala, Coach Gabby, Coach Hillary, and Coach Liccion have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. Without their positive input, I would not be the lacrosse player I am.

College Lacrosse Aspirations:

I am hoping to play Division III or club lacrosse in college.

Inspirational Person:

My older cousin Mike played lacrosse for Nequa Valley. He was a really good attackman. His encouragement and outstanding play inspired me to work hard to improve my lacrosse skills.

Why do you play lacrosse?

I play lacrosse because of the team camaraderie and the fast-paced action. 


I could not say that I have a best teammate since I have enjoyed playing with all of the girls on the Eclipse team. It has been a great experience to meet new girls from so many different schools. My favorite times were getting to know them even better when we traveled to our California tournaments.

Lacrosse Life Lessons:

Lacrosse has taught me to look out for others more than myself. On the field, I always try to be cognizant of where my teammates are, and my goal is to set them up for the best opportunities. I believe an assist is as fun as a goal.

Players that Inspire:

All short midfielders :)

Personal and Athletic Accomplishments:

2014 - 2015 Basketball Offensive Player of the Year & Academic Award
2015 Varsity Lacrosse Captain
2015 Varsity Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year
2015 Varsity Lacrosse Coach's Award
2015 Lakeshore Lacrosse Best Hustle Award
2015 - 2016 Basketball Captain, MVP, & Academic Award

Lacrosse History:

I have been playing lacrosse for five years. I started playing lacrosse because my mom thought I would like it. My best friend and I started teaching ourselves how to play in 7th grade, and we ended up loving it.