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Fall League

2020 Boys Fall League Rosters and Schedules


Please see the documents below for boys schedule and rosters

Why 7 vs 7 in the Fall?:  More touches, smaller team size, smaller field, faster game play, more personal attention from Coaches and a change of pace from doing 10 vs 10 all Spring and Summer. 

Fall League Details (2020)

7 vs 7 Fall Ball League

Dates: Saturdays.  September 19 - October 24 (No games on October 17).  5 weeks. 

Divisions: Men's Boomer, Men's Millennial, Varsity, JV, 7/8, 5/6, 3/4. 

Times: Teams will play in a 1 hour time slot some time between 10:30am-3:30pm.  (Complete league schedule will be emailed out by September 16.) 

Training dates included: Monday, September 21st.   Thursday, October 1st. 5:15-6:15 at Harris Fawell Park in Naperville. 

Location: Naperville. 

Cost: Early Bird before August 15: $165.00  /  Regular between August 16 - September 14: $175.00  /  Late after September 14: $185.00 


Players can register as an individual and make teammate/friend requests to play on the same team or a Coach/parent can register a group of players as a Full team.  Anyone looking to register as a Full team can contact Andy at for cost and details to this.


Register here

Fall League Covid-19 Protocols

Very important reminders about our Covid 19 protocols for Fall Leagues:

(We need everyone's help with this in order for us to continue to run our leagues while taking as many safety precautions as possible.) 

  • Every player must wear a mask at all times except for when they are playing in their game.  Bring multiple masks each day, in case one breaks.  
  • Players will not be allowed onto the field to check in/have their temp check done until 15 minutes before the start of their game.  (This is being done so that we can limit crowding.)
  • Players will be assigned a "safe spot" designated by a cone on the sidelines for them to use pre and post game to change into their gear, get water, etc.  Cones will all be 6-8 feet apart from one another to limit any crowding or gatherings. 
  • Parents/spectators that are not in the same family must sit at least 6-8 feet apart from each other when viewing the games.  
  • Coaches will be wearing their masks the whole time.
  • Thank you in advance for your help with this!

Fall League (2020)

All players and teams will get a minimum of 5 games over the course of the 5 week league.  

  • Each day, players will have a 10-12 minute warmup with their coach followed by their league game that is 2-20 minute halves.  

  • Championship t-shirts going out to Champs in each division. 

  • Certified Referees and Professional Coaches are used in this league. 

  • Playoffs will take place on the last day of the league. 

  • New Wave League reversible will be given out to players who have not received one from past leagues.

  • Training location is in Naperville. 

  • Refund and Waitlist Policy

  • We do intend to run our Fall League as of today.  However, if the Governor/State guidelines do not allow us to run these games by the start date, we will look to push the start date of the leagues back and/or we will modify the program in a way that it falls in line with the states guidelines for high risk sports.  

Youth League POTW

Week Player Team
Week 1 7/8th Grade
Week 1 4/5/6th Grade
Week 2 7/8th Grade
Week 2 4/5/6th Grade
Week 3 7/8th Grade
Week 3 4/5/6th Grade
Week 4 7/8th Grade
Week 4 4/5/6th Grade
Week 5 7/8th Grade
Week 5 4/5/6th Grade

High School Standings

Team Wins Losses
Archers 0 0
Whipsnakes 0 0
Chaos 0 0
Redwoods 0 0

High School League POTW

Week Player Team
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Men's League POTW

Week Player Team
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5