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Boys Lacrosse Leagues

Boys Lacrosse Leagues

New Wave Lacrosse has worked for years to bring Naperville, Plainfield, Oswego, Aurora, Park Ridge, Orland Park and countless other Chicago-land suburban lacrosse communities the most high quality, affordable, organized, professionally run, well operated, fair, and fun lacrosse leagues in the area. 

New Wave runs their rec leagues year round, for boys & girls, youth and high school, adult men and adult women. We average 1,000 players per season (Summer, Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2) and growing. We have now had over 7,500 athletes play in our New Wave leagues and they keep on improving in quality with size.

These leagues are essentially organized games played once per week in a setting unrelated to school, club etc. They are here to allow players to continue to play games throughout their different seasons that compliment what they learn on their club or school team. Get the best value in Lacrosse with New Wave Leagues

Players From All Cities, Schools, Clubs and Towns Are Welcome.

New Wave Lacrosse Fall Lacrosse League

Coming July 2021...

New Wave Lacrosse Winter Boys Lacrosse League Indoor

Coming October 2021...

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