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The Big Freeze

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❉ Lacrosse Tournament ❉


2017 Information Coming Soon

Email if you'd like to reserve a spot.


End the calendar year with a frosty “bang”! as we bring back the Big Freeze Lacrosse Tournament for Boys and Girls.  The Big Freeze will bring together dozens of teams from all over the state to compete for a championship, now with ALL NEW girls' divisions! New Wave Lacrosse takes pride in making sure that all tournaments and events are organized, fun, and fair for all participants.  The Big Freeze will be a great time for all and will be packed with fantastic lacrosse competition and prizes.

Questions? Please Email:

Boys Contact:

Girls Contact:


The Big Freeze has Sold Out for the past 7 years straight 

Space Limited due to Indoor Field Venue   




Adult Women's Division

High School Division

Middle School Division

Grade School Division






Adult Men's Division

High School Varsity Division

High School JV Division

Frosh/Soph Division

U14 Division

U12 Division

U10 Division



girls - naperville yard

The Girls Tournament Location:

Naperville Yard

1607 Legacy  Circle,

Naperville, IL


boys - westmont yard

The Boys Tournament Location:

Westmont Yard on 12/30/16

233 63rd Street

Westmont, IL


Age requirement/breakdown


All players in college or older Mens/Womens

All high school players are eligible for this division


All high school players are eligible for this division


Current Freshman & Sophomores in high school are eligible for this division


  Born on or after 9/1/2002 (no high school players allowed in this division)


  Born on or after 9/1/2004 (no high school players allowed in this division)


  Born on or after 9/1/2006



Trophies will go out to all 1st and 2nd place teams

Concession stand will be available all day

T-shirts and shorts featuring the “Big Freeze” logo will be available at the tournament. 

The New Wave Store will be on site all day. 

Contact New Wave Director Andy Thompson at for more details/questions. Contact Girls Director Danielle Fiala at with questions about girls.

Certified Professional officiating will be hired for all Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity games

New 2016 High School Faceoff Rules will be applied (see them here)

Every team must have a Coach/Team Coordinator that is 21 years or older on their sidelines. 

Teams are allowed to have up to (2) Coaches/Coordinators/etc. on their sideline during a game.

Completed roster forms and waivers must be turned in at the main table at least 1 hour before the start of your first game.  Team reps. or coaches should turn in all paperwork at once.  Individual waivers will not be accepted at check in.





* Please Note: Parking at the Westmont Yard Facility has become quite a challenge with the city due to how large the event has become and the reality of large snow piles. We strongly encourage anyone who can Car-Pool to do-so.

We must stress a couple of key 'No Parking Zones' on the map below in red. You will be towed if you park in front of the Day-Care Building directly West of the Westmont Yard Main Facility Building, or if you park on any side-streets / streets that do not have designated Parking Spaces.

There is a Parking Lot South of Westmont Yard that requires a short walk to get to the facility. This is the Parking Lot we encourage people to use should there be no spaces available in the Westmont Yard Parking Lot.

all coaches must complete and turn in roster sheet at check-in table prior to your team's first game

document central

all players/parents must sign and turn in waiver at check-in table prior to your team's first game